Wetsuit Combo Kit – COR Surf


Wetsuit Combo Kit

$89.99 $54.99

Brand COR Surf

Everything you need for Wetsuit Maintenance and Organization and makes a PERFECT GIFT! Box Set Includes:

  • THE COR SURF MICROFIBER CHANGING TOWEL PONCHO - is perfect for changing anywhere! Soft and cozy you will have no problems changing in public with this lightweight towel poncho.
  • THE NEW COR SURF FOLDING WETSUIT HANGER is a great way to store your wetsuit. The extra wide, vented shoulders will speed up the drying process and keep the shoulder areas from wearing out. Also the hanger folds in so you don't stretch the neck area.
  • WETSUIT CHANGING MAT- Protect your wetsuit and your feet when changing at the beach or in a parking lot. The waterproof wet-bag will keep the dirt and water from leaking all over your car.