Frequently Asked Questions

Single Surf Rack

Q. I have a 9'6" long board with classic 50/50 rails. Will these hooks support that or should I go with the SUP series?

A. Yes is will work great for a board that size

Q. Will i be able to display 10" glassed in fin with the deck facing out?

A. For anything over 8" you will need to face the fins outward

Q. How much Weight will these surf board hooks hold ?

A. While they don't have a specific rating, we generally advise people that over 45lbs is going to get near the max. We have plenty of other rack options for super heavy classic boards or SUP's

Q. How far out from the wall does the rack extend?

A. The Rack extends 8" from the wall

Q. Will it hold a paddle board? (41/2” thick and 311/2” wide)

A. Yes it will, but really depnds more on the weight of the board.

Q. Can it hold a 9ft longboard?

A. Yes! They are designed to hold all longboards and select SUP's up to 45 pounds

Q. I want to put this up on a brick wall, and need to use a masonry anchor & screw. Would the screw for the masonry anchor fit the hole provided by the rack?

A. Yes, our rack could be mounted to a brick wall, but as you noted, you would need to purchase brick/masonry anchors to do so, from anywhere that you buy hardware (Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.), as it ships with standard mounting hardware only. You will be able to find a masonry anchor that will fit this rack's mounting holes/screws; you also want to make sure you get a masonry anchor that will hold the weight of the board & rack you are mounting to that brick wall.

Q. Can i use this option to mount a board to the wall, vertically, no fin?

A. No these are not designed to be stored vertically. You would need our metal or bamboo surfboard stand to store vertically.


Adult Ponchos

Q. Item description says it comes in 3 sizes but in the drop down list of “colours” available, this isn’t clear...? I need the Teen size.

A. Currently we only have Cobalt, Sarape and Tribal Tech available in Medium(teen, petites)

Q. So is the teen the medium? also the dimensions in the pic is different than in the description? did i miss something?

A. Yes Teen is the Medium Size

Q. What is the best way to wash it?

A. It is best to wash on cold


Duffel Bag

Q. Actual size when closed?

A. measures 24 1/2" wide by 13" deep at the base tapering to 11" about 10" up from the base. It's 11" to 13" tall depending on how full it is and how tightly you roll it. It is absolutely perfect for my 2014 Suzuki V-Strom DL1000 Adventure - fits right on the passenger seat in front of my GIVI top box, straps down quickly with four fastek straps, allows access to my factory panniers, makes a great backrest on longer rides, and what's more matches the bikes paint colors exactly!!! I LOVE THIS BAG!!

Q. Will this protect against heat and moisture?

A. It is waterproof, but is not insulated for heat

Q. Does this bag had straps and be carried like a back pack ?

A. This bag does not have Backpack straps

Q. What material is the bag made from?

A. The material is 100% waterproof PVC

Q. Would this fit a full dive system? (BCD, weights, wetsuit, etc. )

A. Never saw a full dive system. However just came back from a road trip. This is what we put in the duffel,
Me: 2 jeans, 2 Capri pants, 5 shirts, 2 pair of flip flops, swimsuits, towel, bathroom stuff.
Old man: *lol* 2 pants, 1 shorts, 4shirts, 1 pair flip flops, swim trunks, towel bathroom stuff.
We both took underwear too in case you noticed it
wasn't ^.
That's a lot of stuff. And there was a lot of room left. It was just getting too heavy for the bike.

Q. Is the zipper and seams waterproof? Anyone tested how waterproof this bag actually is?

A. The outside zipper is water resistant but not 100% waterproof if completely submerged. The seems are 100% waterproof and the bag can be submerged in water. You would want to keep your phone and electronics inside the main compartment. Hope this helps!

Q. What is the waterproof rating

A. The waterproof rating on the IP Chart is a 7 ( Protected against the effects of immersion at depth between 15cm and 1 meter. 30 minute test.0


Dry Packs

Q. Does it have side clips or must I clip the rolltop thing upward U-shaped?

A. Yes it also has side clips. Although if you are going to submerse the bag in water, I would suggest the top clip

Q. What kind of warranty does this have?

A. 3 year warranty. If anything breaks or comes apart we will or give a full refund

Q. Is the laptop sleeve built in, or removable?

A. This backpack has the laptop sleeve built in. If you need one with a removable sleeve you should check out our Excursion Backpack:

Q. Some pix make it appear that this bag is actually stiff-sided, like a case. Is it in fact foldable, crushable for easy storage?

A. Yes, you can roll the bag up. It's not stiff sided.

Q. How big is laptop pouch, can it hold 15.9” laptop?

A. Yes it will carry a 15.9 inch laptop

Q. I am traveling with a drone that is 17"x17"x5" will that fit in this bag?

A. I just want to clarify on your measurements. If you are talking about 17"w by 17" h by 5" deep, then no. I wouldn't even try it. I took a tape measure and my width measurement is barely 13". Hope this helps.

Q. Is the outer zipper waterproof?

A. The outer zipper is not waterproof. Only splash prood

Q. What is the waterproof rating

A. The waterproof rating on the IP Chart is a 7 ( Protected against the effects of immersion at depth between 15cm and 1 meter. 30 minute test.0

Q. Is this able to be subsmursed? I need a dry bag for paddleboarding and rafting there is a good chance its going in the water will it keep my gear dry

A. While this backpack is waterproof, it does not have the same waterproof rating as our other line of dry bag packs. This backpack will keep your gear dry of you drop it in the water. However, if you plan on having the backpack sitting in water all day, you may want to look at our dry bag backpacks which are designed to be submerged in water for any length of time:

Q. Is the laptop sleeve waterproof by itself?

A. The laptop sleeve is made from a different material than the bag itself, it is not waterproof. Still a great bag though :)

Q. Do you think i can fit a Gopro drone in it?

A. I don't know the exact specs of the Gopro drone but it appears it would fit judging from the photos.

Q. Will a 17.3” razer blade pro fit in it? Is it shockproof or slash proof?

A. It will definitely fit in the laptop sleeve but it's too long for the velcro strap to secure it. Also it's not shock proof, but very heavily padded.

Q. Can you give the cm dimensions? it' s 40L?

A. Product dimensions are listed 12x6x15 but can be 18” tall if not folded all the way.

Q. Does the waist belt have any padding?

A. The waist belt doesn't have padding, but as for my experience is not necessary. It is comfortable enough :)

Q. Will it fit a 17in laptop?

A. Yes I have a 17 inch laptop fits great.


SUP Cart

Q. How does this do in soft sand?

A. No! You need big balloon tires for soft sand.

Q. What is diameter of wheels and max. width that it expands to??

Adjustable width - 9" to 3.5"
Height of arms - 20"
Arm padding thickness - 2"
Width between wheels - 13.5"
Wheel diameter - 9"

Q. I have an 8 inch wide sup. will this cart go wide enough for my board to securely fit in.?

A. It has adjustable support arms that preads to 8”.

Q. Will this work on a 36" wide and about 9" deep catamaran style sup like the l2fish from live watersports?

A. This should work fine with a SUP that wide. You will need to make sure to tighten with well and use the bungee strap that comes with the cart.

Q. Is it compact enough to strap the dolly onto the board while paddling?

A. It is small enough to strap to your SUP board but I can see it getting in the way. Possibly you can make a soft cover for it in case you fall onto the board and take the wheels off.

Q. would this work to carry a paddleboard down a steep, uneven, gravel path. others tend to tip over easily so need a wider wheel base?

A. It would but you would need to set it up so that the bars either side of the board are rigid -and that it fits in snugly easy to do with the adjustable screws

Q. Can this carry two 12'6' boards at the same time? they are about 4' wide each at the thickest.

A. It's only designed for one board. While it would be feasible for a short distance, it's not recommended as a longterm solution


Bamboo Bike Wall Rack

Q. What is the weight capacity on this?

A. It will Hold Approximately 45 pounds as long as it's installed correctly into a stud ad drywall screws that are included in the box.

Q. How far off of the wall will this sit? Could you use this to do basic repairs on the bike vs. buying a floor standing bike holder?

A. The hooks are 12 inches out from the wall. It would really depend on what type of work you are doing on the bike, how often and how well the screws are inserted into the wall. As with any drywall, you have to make sure the rack is securely in a stud, or some heavy duty drywall anchors. If you are using drywall anchors I wouldn't recommend doing heavy duty work on the bike. Not because of the rack, but because of the wall. Hope this helps!

Q. Why it wont work with women frame?

A. There is a small gap for the bar to fit so with a womens bike there is an angle which can make it difficult to tilt onto the frame. You can definitely try it and if it doesn't work we accept returns

Q. What is the horizontal distance and vertical distance between the the screw positions for the wall mounts? I’m trying to line up to drywall studs.

A. The leftmost and rightmost wall mounts are separated by about 8" and are at an even level. The topmost and bottom wall mounts are separated by about 6.25". They're both halfway between the left and right ones, (4"), the top one 1" above, the bottom 5.25" below.

Q. Can i install drywall with anchor screws for a commuter bike ? i tried another rack with drywall anchor taking 90lb but the screws keep coming off

A. We have tested this and it works fine, but you really need to get the high-end dry-wall anchors. Also, I'm not sure how much your bike weights, but the good thing about this rack is there are three holes spread from side to side so as long as you utilize all three holes it should take a lot of pressure off. Good Luck!

Q. Is the bamboo a finished surface, or can it be stained?

A. Yes it's a finished surface, it could be painted if desired

Q. Does this cause strain on the frame?maybe some straps might help?

A. This will not cause strain on the frame. They are covered with a protective rubber strip to avoid paint scratches and wear.


Metal Surf Stand

Q. Will this work with a pintail?

A. Yes it will work great with a pintail!

Q. Will this hold a 7ft long thin board with heavy mosaic?

A. Yes it should work perfect for that

Q. Will this work with a 10 ft paddleboard?

A. Regret this would not work for a standard paddleboard. It's designed for longboard surfboards


Kayak Wall Sling

Q. Would this work on a fence?

A. Yes this will work anywhere that you can use wood screws or drywall anchors

Q. Will this work to mount a canoe under a second story deck?

A. Probably. Mount the plates so the screws are in shear, not in tension.

Q. Can these straps hold the weight of a two person kayak?

A. Yes it will, not a problem. They key is making sure they screws are securely mounted to the wall.

Q. Does this have to be mounted permanently?

A. The mounting brackets are made for screws. You could get some sort of hooks for the straps.

Q. How durable is this for outdoor use?

A. It would be fine. The material is all nylon . You may get some rust on the metal hold over time, a light coating of three and one oil should take care of that. Automotive wax will work too. Great quality though.

Q. Can this be used on a gmc terrain?

A. The COR Kayak / Paddleboard Sling is an easy way to store your gear close to the wall. It is not used to transport your kayak on an automobile.

Q. How easy is it to get kayak out/into the straps? Seems like would take two people if sling mounted 6 feet off the ground

A. We mounted ours about 5 ft off the ground. The straps loosen to get longer and they detach on one end with a hook. We put one end of our 17ft boat into one strap then hook it up.. then i repeat at the other end. then i tighten each strap to pull the boat up higher on the wall. it is a one person operation taking about 30 seconds.

Q. I want to put this up on a brick wall, and need to use a masonry anchor & screw. Would the screw for the masonry anchor fit the hole provided by the rack?

A. Yes, our rack could be mounted to a brick wall, but as you noted, you would need to purchase brick/masonry anchors to do so, from anywhere that you buy hardware (Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.), as it ships with standard mounting hardware only. You will be able to find a masonry anchor that will fit this rack's mounting holes/screws; you also want to make sure you get a masonry anchor that will hold the weight of the board & rack you are mounting to that brick wall.


Shortboard Bike Rack

Q. Could this carry two 3''ish boogie boards?

A. Yes it could, no problem

Q. Does the rack come off easily when not in use?

A. The arms come off very easily. It's a simple button that you push and pull out the arms. The brace that holds the arms has to stay. No need to take it off the bike and it will not bother you when riding.

Q. Do the arms on this rack adjust to different lengths? Do they move up or down to make it closer or farther away from the ground?

A. Yes and quite easily. This surf board rack works better than any I've ever had. You'll be happy with it. Don't expect it to be stylish looking because it's not but very functional.

Q. Would this carry my 10 ft inflatable sup?

A. Yes it would, although we would recommend our Long Board Bike Rack as it's a little heavier duty as it attaches to the back tire for added support for bigger boards.

Q. Would this rack work for an 8ft board?

A. Yes it would be perfect for an 8ft board!

Q. Is there anything that prevents people from stealing this of my bike when I'm out surfing? There's lots of sketchy people at my local pier.

A. Regret the rack does not come with a locking mechanism. I would recommend getting the long board rack because you have to connect it with the back tire so it would be extremely difficult and time consuming to steal.


Double SUP Rack

Q. What is the overall height of the rack (vertical wallspace required)?

A. That depends on where you are mounting your board and if you want to leave the fin(s) on your board and the length of the fin(s). I left the fins on my boards and had to work around the garage door track. Mine is 21" from the ceiling to the arc of the board on the top shelf and 32" from the ceiling to the top of the second board. It is 65" from the floor to the board. 31" from the wall to the edge of the outer edge of the boards.
The dimensions of each rack is 20 3/4" (height) and 28 1/4" (width).

Q. My Paddleboard is 32" wide. Is that ok on this rack?

A. Yes no problem. You can also install the racks closer to the nose and tail where it's narrower

Q. Can this be bolted to a wall outside? how does it hold up with boards used in salt water?

A. It can be bolted to any wall. Don't know about salt water but it is made out of steel. Only the neoprene or rubber covers might be something on it that could wear if installed outside.

Q. What is the overal height of the rack (vertical wallspace required)?

A. The back plate is 20.5 inches

Q. Will this rack hold 14ft SUP?

A. These racks can be spread to any deminsions you need and will hold 100 lbs if you secure them to a stud in the wall. The question is the width of your board? The support poles off the wall I think is plenty to support all boards but look up the deminsions and verify against what your board needs.

Q. What is the rack material?

A. All of the parts with the exception of the foam pads and clips are made of powdercoated steel. It is plenty strong for its intended purpose.

Q. Does each rack hold a 100 lbs? So if the wall mount has 2 racks, it can hold a total weight of 200 lbs?

A. Yes it can

Q. What is the distance between the top bar and the bottom bar - I am using for a slightly different purpose so this measurement is necessary. Thanks

A. Arms are 27" long and about 11" apart. Good rack for paddle boards but not strong enough for 50 lb canoe


Soft Racks

Q. Would it be possible to transport 2 wavestorms with this system?

A. Yes that would work fine.

Q. Can i use this if i have a roof rack on my suv?

A. It depends on the type of rack. If you have side rails, but no crossbars, it may work. I don't think it will work if you have the crossbars

Q. Would these racks work on a 2 door coupe?

A. Yes as long as they are spaced as far apart as possible, they will work. You will also need to watch your speed on the freeway. These are not designed for 80 MPH. Thanks!

Q. Will this system work with Paddleboards?

A. Short trips at slower speeds under 40 miles per hour should be fine. I drove from California to Washington with an 8 foot surfboard at freeway speed. A paddleboard is bigger and will catch more wind so be careful.

Q. Will the 28” version hold 3 longboards?

A. Yes it does

Q. Does this come with 1 or 2 racks?

A. It comes as a set, so yes there are two racks inside


Round Rack Pads

Q. Will these fit 2 inch round bars?

A. Yes they will!

Q. Will the color fade in sun?

A. Yes but over time. They have a UV protetctive coating but eventually the sun will do what it does

Q. Are these velcro? How do they attach?

A. Yes, they are velcro

Q. Are they waterproof

A. The foam is, but the material is not. But we leave them on the roof rack all the time. We carry boards all the time and they last a couple of years before the UV breaks down the cover material.


COR Surf Longboard Bicycle Rack

Q. Can it be used with shortboards too?

A. That would work fine.

Q. is there a possible basket for the rack over the tire.

A. Yes you could add a basket over the tire. The back piece over the tire would be perfect for storing things

Q. Can the arms fold in when storing on a bike rack or in tight areas?

A. Yes they can fold in. It is also very easy to remove just the arms of you are going on a bike ride without your surfboard.

Q. Will this product fit a bike with a quick release axle and disc brakes, specifically a Redline Monocog?

A. So the Longboard rack actually connects to the back tire. You would have to remove the tire to insert the back piece. I can't comment on the disc brakes as my mountain bike doesn't have disc brakes, although it is quick release. If you aren't confortable with that, you may want to try our shortboard rack with attaches to the seat post and may hold you board depending on the size

Q. Can I use this on hills? It seems that it will slip...

A. You can adjust the bungee cord to make it very tight so it should be ok for hills

Q. What is the max thickness and width that the sup can be?


Q. Will the rack work on a fat tire bike?

A. Yes it will

Q. Would this work for a longboard?

A. Yes, the Longboard Bike Rack will securely hold your board as you ride to the beach. The board in the photograph is 9"4.


Changing Mat

Q. How do you clean it?

A. Just rinse it off with a hose or you could wash it in the washer too

Q. Can it be sanitized with a disinfecting wipe?

A. Yes it can!

Q. Does this have shoulder strap or handles?

A. It has cinch/drawstrings to close it.


Wall Rack SUP

Q. How does this attach to the wall? Will it hold a heavy longboard?

A. All Mounting hardware is included. Comes with heavy duty wood screws. It will easily hold a heavy longboard as long as it's in a stud

Q. How would these hold up mounted outside? Is the steel well protected and the padding won't deteriorate?

A. They are not designed to be stored outside but would still probably last several seasons without any issue

Q. Do you have to remove the fin, due to the angle of the rack?

A. It depends on the thickness of the board and the length of the fin. For most Stand SUP's you will need to remove the fin it you want it to face towards the wall. Or you can have the fin facing outward.

Q. How long are the screws? I only have 1 1/2 inches to screw into.


Q. I have a 34" wide 14 foot long paddleboard. Are these heavy-duty enough to firmly hold it on the wall?

A. Yes. They are very sturdy.

Q. I need four hooks to store two boards. Do I need to order 2 packages or 4?

A. There are 2 hooks, plus hardware, per package, so I think ordering 2 packages should suffice.

Q. I want to put this up on a brick wall, and need to use a masonry anchor & screw. Would the screw for the masonry anchor fit the hole provided by the rack?

A. Yes, our rack could be mounted to a brick wall, but as you noted, you would need to purchase brick/masonry anchors to do so, from anywhere that you buy hardware (Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.), as it ships with standard mounting hardware only. You will be able to find a masonry anchor that will fit this rack's mounting holes/screws; you also want to make sure you get a masonry anchor that will hold the weight of the board & rack you are mounting to that brick wall.


Bamboo Skate Rack

Q. Please advise: What are the dimensions, especially the width? i.e. across from side to side. Thx

A. Yes the Width is 8 inches. The Height is 7" and the Arm Piece Extend 3.5 inches. Thanks!

Q. How do u set it up ?

A. It comes with two screws that you set into the wall. I suggest putting in two drywall anchors just to ensure long term stability. It took me less than ten minutes to hang two of them on my wall

Q. Will this work with a long board?

A. Works well with my sons long board.

Q. Will this work with a penny?

A. Yes it works great with Penny boards

Q. Could you use this for hanging a scooter?

A. If the scooter has 2 wheels either in the fron or back it could work (not sure) but if the scooter has just one then don't buy it.


Kids Ponchos

Q. Is this item open on the sides like a poncho or is the only openings the arm holes?

A. Confirming the only opening is the arm holes.

Q. What is the Fabric

A. Microfiber made of 85% polyester, 15% nylon. This allows it to dry a lot faster and remain odor free'


Bamboo Surf Stand

Q. Will this work with a paddleboard

A. No this is only designed for longboard and shortboard surfboards

Q. Will this hold a longboard

A. Yes this will hold a longboard up to 10'

Q. Are the arms adjustable

A. Yes, just tighten the screws once you get he desired length and it will hold your board tight.


Silicone Tie Down Straps

Q. Do you need a roof rack for this device?

A. Preferably you would need roof racks to haul anything on your roof. If you don't have, then we suggest our Universal Soft Racks

Q. Is the tooth or buckle part metal?

A. The tooth is metal but the buckle is silicone. These are great because you don't have to worry about them scratching your car.

Q. What is the width of the straps?

A. It is 1" Wide


Multi Wood Surf Rack

Q. Can the racks go outside ? 

A. The Racks do have a slight finish to protect from water but they are not designed to be outside. You may see some wear after a couple seasons. If you want and outdoor rack I recommend out powder coated steel double rack or SUP sling strap.

Q. Will These racks hold a paddleboard

A. While they were not originally designed for SUP's it really depends on the size of you SUP. For smaller, lighter SUP's, it will work fine. You will just need to spread out the arms so they are closer to the nose and tail. If you have a very heavy and extra wide SUP, then we would recommend our Double SUP Rack instead as it's designed to hold a couple hundred pounds.

Q. What’s the purpose of the slant on the arms for the boards

A. This is so you can display your boards if you want. You can remove the center arm and display two boards

Q. Will this work for snowboards and wakeboards?

A. Yes, this is deseigned to hold snowboards and wakeboards. You can actually store two snowboards on each row by placing one bindings down and placing the on top bindings up.


Aero Roof Racks

Q. How do these hold to the rack

A. We have heavy-duty weather proof velcro that will safely keep your pads on your cross bar


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