The Gear We’re Packing for Chilly Days at the Beach

As winter approaches, temperatures are beginning to drop across the nation. In my book, that doesn’t mean less time in the water or at the beach, it simply means planning ahead and packing according to weather and conditions. Be it wind, rain, or chilly weather, you’ll want to be sure you’re prepared heading into the winter season and have the gear you need to help you stay warm. Here, we’ve rounded up the gear we’re packing to keep us cozy on chilly beach days.

Waterproof Oversized Swim Parka

Come wintertime, you’ll want a heavy-duty parka to keep you warm on the chilliest days. Our new, oversized swim parka features a thick, soft Terry robe on the inside that works to absorb moisture while keeping you warm. The outer layer is a water and windproof nylon shell, so regardless of what they elements throw your way, you’ll be protected. Available in five sizes, we created this parka to have an oversized fit, so you can easily throw it on over your wetsuit or clothes.

swimming surfing parka jacket swim


Wetsuit Changing Mat

Similar to the changing poncho, the changing mat helps you quickly transition from wet to dry clothes, without making everything a sandy mess. This wetsuit changing mat isn’t just any old changing mat, it also doubles as a wet bag, so you can store your wetsuit in it, without risk of soaking anything you hope to keep dry. Made from strong, PVC-poly fabric, this mat is built to last!

wetsuit changing mat

Sun Hat

Even though it’s colder and less sunny during wintertime, it’s still important to practice good sun protection. In addition to sunscreen, it’s a good idea to throw on a sun hat if you plan on spending the day at the beach. Our straw lifeguard hat offers a comfortable fit and a wide brim to ensure you’re protected from the sun.

straw beach sun hat for kids and adults

Dry Bag

There is nothing worse than reaching for a cozy, warm sweatshirt after a chilly session only to find that it’s soaked. We carry a collection of dry bags, including backpacks, bags, and a duffel, so we’ve got you covered no matter what. Our waterproof dry backpacks are perfect for trekking to the beach: they’ve go padded shoulder straps, mesh side pockets for water bottles, an adjustable compression strap, and they float should you drop them in water. Keep your wet stuff inside to keep it from getting other things wet or keep dry gear inside to ensure it stays dry—the choice is yours. 

waterproof dry bag backpack and duffel bag

Changing Towel Poncho

One of the worst parts about wintertime surfing is changing from your cold, wet wetsuit into your dry clothes. While we wish we could snap our fingers and have the deed be done, our changing towel ponchos are the next best solution. Made from a soft and highly absorbent microfiber that dries quickly, our towel ponchos stay light and soft even when they’re wet. The ponchos also sport a roomy hood to help your hair dry while keeping your head warm as well as warm front pockets. Wear it like a parka or use it to quickly get your wet gear off and your dry clothes on.

changing towel ponchos

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