How To Install Your SUP Paddleboard or Surfboard Racks


Having your own surf or paddleboard is great, but how you can store something so big and bulky. Surf and SUP’s are extremely expensive, and dinging or denting them can result in costly repairs. The last thing you need is water soaking into your board, causing it to be water-logged.  So your responsibility expands far from ensuring that the salt water doesn’t seep into the foam. Thus finding a perfect surfboard display in the garage or home is among the most crucial responsibilities. This is because you want to place your surfboards or paddleboards in a safe place at the end of the ride.

However, if you don’t have a huge space available for your surfboard display, finding one is the first step. Whether you want to store the boards in your home or garage, you need to install surfboard racks or wall mounts. The sizes of these boards can take up more than half the area of the room. So, whoever has come up with the idea of hanging them against the wall is a genius.

The first step is getting your Surfboard or Paddleboard Rack. COR Surf has every type of rack imaginable for indoors, garage outdoor storage. 

Step-by-step Guide on Installing Paddleboards or Surfboard Racks

Here is a thorough guide on installing a garage surfboard rack.

1. Getting the right hardware:

The most important part of installing your SUP / Kayak or SUP Wall Mount is making sure you are using the correct hardware. The last thing you need is to hear your boards crashing down in the middle of the night because the screws have pulled from the wall.

Disclaimer: All COR Surfboard Racks come with wood screws. They are designed to only work when installing wood wall studs. If you do not have wood wall studs, then you may need to go to your local hardware store and find the appropriate mounting hardware for your surfboard rack. If you aren’t sure what type you need, we have added the top choice for each type of wall below:

  • Plasterboard and Drywall:

Plaster and Dry Wall: These can be tricky, but if you get the right kind of anchors, you’ll be good! So you will want to make sure you have the correct size.

Heavy Duty: Metal Toggle or Molly Bolts are the strongest of the bunch, along with winged plastic anchors


Self Drilling Drywall Anchors: These are rigid and sharp enough to screw into drywall and can hold up to 45 pounds


Ribbed plastic Drywall anchors: These are great and the most common out there. As long as you are not installing something super heavy, you should be ok.  For ribbest drywall anchors, you should probably limit them to 20 pounds.


  • Concrete:

When installing the surfboard racks in concrete, you may want to look into getting a hammer drill and a masonry bit. What makes a hammer drill different is it actually tapping as it turns, so you can easily drill your holes. Having the right equipment is key when making sure your boards are installed safely.

Tapcon (Masonry Lag Bolt): These are great as they are double-threaded lag bolts. Make sure you get the right size for your rack. Concrete works with concrete, block, cement, or brick. Drill as straight in as possible.



  • Wood: Wood screws/drywall screws:

Smaller in diameter and size than a lag bolt, this is perfect for the COR Surf Wood Wall racks as they are designed to go into the stud in the wall. Because surfboards are a bit lighter, the wood screws work perfectly. Also, they make the hole smaller, so when you move out of your home, you don’t have to worry about having massive holes in your walls you need to fill.


  • Metal: When installing surfboard racks into a metal stud, elephant anchors are the way to go. You will need to make sure you mark the center of the stud. Use a drill bit specifically for drilling into metal and make a hole

Self-tapping screws: These screws have a special pointed tip, so you don’t need a drill bit to start the hold. Just start drilling, and the self-tapping screw will do the work for you!.

Elephant Anchors: Similar to Toggle bolts, but specifically for heavy wall hangs, like TV’s and SUP’s

  • Ceiling – Lag Bolts
Storing your SUP, Longboard, or Kayak on the ceiling can be the most fallow for maximum space in your garage, but it’s extremely important you are drilling

All COR Surf Paddleboard racks come with heavy-duty lag bolts, so you’ll be safe when installing your sup


Note if you don’t have a stud or joist, you will need to get a heavy-duty toggle bolt.

2. Spacing the Rack Arms

You should first get the length of your boards and measure the amount of space available in the garage or home for paddleboard storage. For instance, if you have an 11-foot SUP, the SUP rack should be sturdy and long enough to support it. If you are installing into a stud, you will want to get a stud finder to make sure you are marking the distance according to where the studs are.


After that, you should mark where are you will be drilling the holes. Once you have the stud marked. You will need to measure the distance from the ceiling to the top hole. That way when you install the other rack, you will know exactly the distance. Mark you first hole, then go to the other stud and measure from the ceiling. Once you have all your holes marked, you are ready to install your SUP Wall Mount.

Measure the distance between the ceiling and your first spot. The.  When measuring the distance for the SUP rack you will want to make sure there is ample room between the nose and tail, but not so close together that the boards are not stable. You need to make sure that the beams should be long enough to support your boards.


3. Install the Lag bolts

The next step is to install the bolts for SUP board racks. You should make sure that you are using the correct hardware for the SUP board rack and mark the spot. Besides, you should use a strong impact driver to secure the bolts to make sure they are right in place and should feel much stronger after installation. Make sure the Philips head you are using is the right fit for the screws. The last thing you want to do is strip them because you don’t have the right size.


4. Adjust the Rack Height

To ensure that the setting is all ready to load up the paddle board storage racks, you should determine the height of the rack from the ceiling. It is better to extend the rack down by 18-inches, and the minimum space from the ceiling should be 10-inches.


5. Load the Surfboard or Paddleboard

Depending on which SUP or Surfboard Wall Rack you have purchased, now it the time to rack your boards! You can now start by slowly putting the board onto the board-rack. Listen carefully for any cracking or slipping inside the wall before you let go. You want to make sure you measure the distance of each end to ensure your wall mount is weight is distributed evenly. Slowly stand back and marvel at your masterpiece. You no longer have to worry about your surf or paddleboards tipping over and taking up precious space in your home or garage.

                              sup ceiling rack

Wrapping Up!

Surfboards and paddleboards can easily get damaged if not stored properly. Thus, you should take special measures to ensure that the SUP board racks are installed in the garage properly. The racks should comply with the size of your board, and you might not need any special equipment or tools to get this job done.







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