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Save the Garage Floor for Your Car, Stow Your Quiver and Take Care of your Boards

Author: Jackie Connor

Most garages are far from immaculate. Even the neat freak should still consider dust, bugs and, most importantly, a cold hard concrete floor, as cold as the cement it’s made from. It has no mercy and it’s coming for your board. Or—your board may be coming for it—depending on your or your roommate’s hoarding status.

Let's face it, surfboards are expensive! Some boards can fetch more than 2000.00 and the average shortboard is going to cost your 700-800 bucks nowadays! If you're going to spend that kind of money on your boards then you definitely don't want to leave them laying around or leaning on a wall, just waiting to get tipped. One fall can cost you hundreds in repairs. The last thing you want is to go surfing with a board that isn't water-tight.   


Save your quiver and check out COR Surf’s rack system—just say ‘no’ to shabby DIY garage floor setups and ‘yes’ to COR surf. You’re roommate may say he knows what he’s doing with his homemade surf rack that holds both of your quivers (including your magic stick), but pvc pipes, bungee cords and leftover carpet can wear out.

Not to mention all of the sharp objects, like tools and other hardy items, literally hanging out salivating for a bite of that foam.

COR Surf features several options for all types of sticks:

  • NEW! The COR Surf Wood Surf Stand: Have a board you need to showcase? The COR Wood Surf Stand is an Epic piece that will store your prized possession safely and look great in the process!
  • COR Surf Wood Display Board Rack: the original gangster of COR Surf, this solid dark stained wood has a protective rubber strip to safeguard your ride, whether it’s surf, wake or snow, and makes a b-e-a-utiful display in any home.

  • Longboard or Paddleboard Wall Rack: made from solid steel, this rack has an 18-inch long arm cushioned with foam and will securely hold any stand up paddleboard, no matter the width, or several longboards.


  • Multi-Rack/Wakeboard Home Storage Rack: made from solid, eco-friendly wood and comes in either Bamboo or Dark Stained Wood. Includes a protective rubber strip that cushions your ride and small notches on the end to display. The multi-rack is extremely versatile and holds the weight of three longboards. 


Bamboo Multi Surf Wall Rack

  • COR Surf Rolling Rack: considered the “Rolls Royce” of surf racks, if you have a kayak or a SUP, you’re one stoked water person. This rack is made from extremely durable and sustainable bamboo. It can hold multiple boards on one level and comes with all of the nuts and bolts to turn your garage into a ding-free space.


It’s an annoying truth, especially for Californians: garages are hard-to-avoid forms of storage units--It’s tough to imagine that the garage is where most of us store our cherished quiver.

No more jimmy-rigs (no offense, roomie) and save your surfboards from those unnecessary dings that may come back to haunt you. One sunny day at Trestles, you’ll score a killer wave and catch some air while kicking out and also score a nice skin ding that you had no idea where it came from—but I bet your garage floor knows.

Avoid chumming for sharks and invest in the safety of your quiver (and yourself) with COR Surf’s racks.


*Author : Jackie Connor, Travel Writer from San Clemente, CA. Please check out her blog;

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