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By: Jackie Connor 


COR Athlete - Cruz Dinofa


It’s that exciting time of the year where a slight chill sneaks back into the air, pumpkin-everything and other unseasonably early holiday decorations explode all at once from every grocery store crevice and the groms slowly, but surely, lumber back to school. A song opposite of Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” would fit well for the old timers who have anxiously waited to get their sparse noonday sessions back into swing.

So--two o’clock surf sessions at Trestles on a Wednesday, anyone? Anyone?

Whether you are a 9-to-5er drumming your fingers on your desk at 4:59 p.m., a college student hanging out in between classes or a grom on their first season of Surf Team -- while you merrily skip down the Trestles/Blacks or any other trail that leads to, hopefully, those familiar offshore conditions, don’t forget to grab a few COR Surf essentials before you go. 

If you want to stash your wetsuit next to your text books and smart tech, consider COR Surf’s Waterproof Dry Backpack with Laptop Sleeve. Available as a 25 or 40 liter depth, these packs are waterproof and allow you to stow your laptop, if you so desire to answer your boss’s emails or catch up on your Great Gatsby essay at the beach. Whether you work from home, are a serial travel surfer or just plain like to multi-task, this pack will fit, pretty much EVERYTHING.

Here comes frigid mornings on the pool deck, surf team practice and towel changes! Snuggle up to a comfy Microfiber Changing Towel Poncho and change back into school attire. COR Surf even has a changing poncho for those smaller kiddos, check out their Kids Changing Towel Poncho.


If you want something fast-drying and doesn’t collect that infamous wetsuit smell, consider the Micro-suede Changing Towel. Bonus: the poncho’s easy-access side buttons allows this product to double as a towel! Check out the travel size, too.

If you are changing out of your wetsuit with no sand-free zone in sight, try the Waterproof Changing Mat, which also doubles as a wetsuit dry bag. 

Along with number two pencils, protractors, iPads and all those back-to-school goodies, make sure to add these COR Surf essentials to your shopping list for an optimal surf team, dawn patrol or before-work sessions.

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*Author: Jackie Connor, Travel Writer from San Clemente, CA. 
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