COR Surf Team Rider Paige Alms Earns Top Honors at 17th Annual Big Wave Awards


Author: Jackie Connor


Haiku, Maui Big Wave Surfer and COR Team Rider Paige Alms received the “Women’s Best Performance” award at this year’s annual Big Wave Awards on April 29th in Huntington Beach, California. After six consecutive nominations beginning in 2012, the 25-year-old’s dedication and passion for big wave surfing was honored this year after her 10 years of charging outer reefs.

“I am honestly in disbelief,” said Alms. “To be amongst this group of women is just insane. I am super excited to see where they take the tour next year for the women. I want to give a huge shout-out to all of the women that inspire me to do my best and continue to push the level of women’s surfing and to be a better person, friend and athlete.”

After years of training and pushing her mind and body to its physical limits, Alms takes home a well-deserved achievement, proudly representing the small-but-mighty community of big wave women surfers. Who could deny her historic barrel seen at Maui’s premier big wave surf spot Pe’ahi, (a.k.a.: Jaws) in 2015? Much like that epic wave, this lady had a recognition coming.

Alms’ big wave career started at the tender age of 15 year old, where her motivation and perseverance pushed her to the limits of becoming a water woman. In between charging mountains of water, Alms maintains her surfing career through intense physical cross-training, in addition to working many working many different jobs to keep her on the road and in the water pursuing her passion.

From all of us at COR Surf, congratulations to Paige for such an amazing achievement! We are excited to watch you progress in your career.


*Author : Jackie Connor, Travel Writer from San Clemente, CA. Please check out her blog;


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