COR Surf’s Changing Towel Poncho Sends Beach Creepers Packing


Author: Jackie Connor


It’s summertime and nothing feels better than jumping out of those work and/or school clothes, rocking the latest bikini or boardie and diving into the water at full speed. Wait— I forgot the not-so fun part of changing out of those work clothes and into that cute new ‘kini without exposing the goods in the parking lot or on the beach.

Whether you are diving into or being pulled out of the water, this step is always the most uncomfortable, as it is tough to hold a towel around the waist while removing wet bikini bottoms without a full moon showing.

Many bikini tops are fashioned in a racerback style and some just have lots and lots of string—how do you take these things off without giving the world a free peep show?? How, I ask?!

As a woman who surfs and is an overall aqua junkie, no matter how hard I’ve tried, my discreet towel change has not always been perfect. Unfortunately, beach creepers would often linger in my peripheral for a free peep show and lately, there have been a lot of drone cameras conveniently flying above said towel changing session.
At the time, I would often grumble about how I should just wear a cardboard box—yea, that’ll show ‘em. A giant cube of a woman. I’ll be a square Ms. Pacman, I thought as I trudged up the Trestles path. Where’s a black censor bar when you need it?
Women are not alone in this struggle! I avert my eyes from precarious towel/wettie changes for watermen, of course, but as I look away, it’s very interesting to see who is staring back. Usually I cut them a disgusted look to discourage their view. Doesn’t always work.
The most efficient way to avoid prying eyes while perfecting a modest change out of the wetsuit and/or bikini is COR Surf’s Changing Poncho. The Changing Poncho is made from micro suede, so the fabric is soft, light weight and compactable. The quick-drying feature makes this product ideal for a waterwoman or man on the go.


So beach creepers beware! Your prying days are numbered with COR Surf’s perfect solution to a common water lover problem. Check out the new Quick Dry Changer by clicking here:  COR Surf’s Changing Poncho

cor surf change towel poncho


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