Top 5 of 2021 - The Best Action Sports Films of 2021

Because of the pandemic, there wasn't a lot of new content in 2020.  Things got back on track in 2021 with some epic films, albums and books. Sometimes when times get tough, it inspires some of the most talentend folks to create some amazing content. 

Here are some of our favorites from 2021. We hope these inspire you get outside and make 2022 an epic year of adventure!

100 Foot Wave

Garrett McNamara journeyed to Nazare, Portugal with one goal in mind: to conquer a 100-foot wave. His effort drove the sport of surfing to new heights and helped transform a tiny fishing village into the world's preeminent big-wave surfing destination. From HBO Sports comes this breathtaking six-part documentary series that chronicles McNamara's quest.

100 ft wave nazare hbo

One World - Burton

For some amazing cinematography, this film has it all... from backcountry to street to park:  92,864 Steps, 999 ideas, 457 Kilohertz, 113 Pillows, 76 Slashes, 72 days, 39 riders, 12 stitches. This film will make you want to get off the couch and head to the mountains.

one world burton


For those that just wanted to see a classic, no-frills surf flick. Pentacoastal is a true Surf Film Directed by Wade Goodall & Shane Fletcher | Surf | VANS

pentacoastal surf film

Dear Rider - HBO

Sports presents Dear Rider, a revealing documentary produced by Red Bull Media House on how Jake Burton Carpenter took a favorite childhood pastime and developed it into an international cultural phenomenon. Offering an unprecedented look into the world of snowboarding, the film debuts on HBO and will be available to stream on HBO Max.

dear rider hbo

Surfing - An All Girls Surf Flick

“Surfing”, the new 27-minute highlight reel above, filmed and edited by Dan Scott, features an all-women cast of uber-stylish rippers, a make-you-want-to-dance soundtrack and perfect, flawless waves. Steph Gilmore, Tyler Wright, Nikki Van Dijk, Macy Callaghan and Dimity Stoyle make this film an absolute must-watch–and quite possibly the best women’s surf film of all time. Do yourself a huge favor and hit play above

surfing all girls surf flick


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