Top 10 Gift Ideas for Fathers Day 2022

Fathers Day is coming in hot! This year it’s June 19th so you only have a few weeks to finish up your shopping for Dad. This year, get Dad something he can really use with some of COR Surf’s newest products!

 1) NEW - El Verano Wide Brim Sun Hat: Fast Drying and Lightweight. Dad will love the new hats from COR Surf. Lightweight, compact and ready for the next adventure.


2) Dry Bag 3-Pack: The ultimate set of 100% waterproof roll-top dry bags. The set includes a 3L, 5L and 10L dry bag.  All dry bags come with an adjustable shoulder strap.

 dry bag 3-pack 3L 5L 10L

3) Straw Beach Hats: Get ready for summer! COR Surf straw beach hats are the perfect summer companion. Dad can head to the next beach excursion or BBQ in style. Available in multiple sizes and styles, COR Surf Wide Brimmed Straw Beach Hats are hand-made with premium materials. Plus the fabric has a UPF 50 Sun protection so dad will go home without a sunburn!


3) Surf, SUP and Kayak Car Soft Racks: So you just landed at the airport with all your boards and you’re ready to head to your spot and surf. The problem is, the car you rented or the taxi you are taking doesn’t have racks or straps. That’s where we come in. Our new Soft Racks are the best way to get your boards to your surf spot. No racks are required on the car and our new soft car racks will hold multiple boards. paddleboards, kayaks and canoes. They also have scratch-resistant silicone coating on the buckles so you won’t be scratching or denting the rental car.



4)Swim and Surf Parka:  Because there are some days it’s just too cold for a standard changing poncho. We designed the COR Surf Parka to keep you warm in even the coldest environments. Unlike most swim parkas that have a thin fleece lining, we added a thick and soft terry fabric that will absorb the moisture. The waterproof and wind-resistant shell will protect you when you’re braving the wind, snow or rain.This is great for anyone changing in cold weather. Great for after ski, snowboard, scuba, hunting and surfing!

5) Island Hopper Travel Backpack: The best-selling travel pack just got an upgrade with brand new colors! Now available in Lava Red and Army Green, you can set yourself apart with this stylish, yet functional backpack. This will be the last backpack you buy! The Island Hopper is a luggage style backpack and the perfect size for a personal carry-on. It is packed with features such as: Hidden passport pockets, luggage strap, weather resistant exterior, water resistant zippers, water bottle pocket and much more!


6) Changing Towel Poncho: Tired of trying to see dad do the one-legged towel dance? Avoid an embarrasing mishap and get dad a cozy changing towel. Change anywhere, or just where it to stay warm when getting out of the water. 

7) Tie-Down Straps: Every dad needs a solid set if tie-down straps. Our straps are exactly what he’ll love! They come with a premium silicone over the metal cam buckle so if you drop them, they won’t ding or scratch the car or truck. Available in both 10’ or 15’. Perfect for hauling surf, SUP’s, kayaks and more!

8) Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack: Available in 25L or 40L the COR Surf Dry Bag Backpack is a heavy-duty backpack meant to handle a serious amount of gear. Built for comfort, the air mesh back-panel wicks-away sweat and the interior laptop sleeve will ensure your electronics stay dry during a downpour.

9) 60L Waterproof Duffel Dry Bag: Every dad needs a serious gear bag to handle a tough trip. This heavy-duty 100% waterproof duffel bag can hold a serious amount of gear. You can fit your scuba fins, ski or snowboard boots, helmet plus everything else you need for your next trip.

10) Compact Travel Towel: – Compact and Fast Drying. A travel towel isn’t just for travel. Whether you’re going to the beach, camping, hunting or fishing, having a compact and fast drying towel is essential. COR Surf travel towels are extra large, but roll up compact and even come with a carry-pouch.





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