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Let's face it, everyone gets cold after swimming, especially when it's windy. Also, no one likes trying to balance on one foot while changing out of your bathing suit or wetsuit. Now you have the COR Travel Poncho which allows you to change in public without worrying about your towel falling off. Hang-out at the beach or by the pool and stay warm. 

Made from super soft and fast drying micro-suede, the new COR Travel Poncho has many different uses. The lightweight micro-suede fabric dries fast and isn't heavy like bulky cotton towels. Throw this over any swimsuit to change out of your clothes while keeping your privacy. The COR Travel Poncho will work anywhere. The micro suede is so cozy soft you'll want to keep it on all day! 

You can take your Poncho everywhere: 

  • At the Beach, Pool or Changing at the Gym
  • Perfect for taking on a trip. Rolls up tight and compact.
  • Use on the airplane to stay warm
  • Having something to warm you up after getting out of the water
  • Changing out of your wetsuit or bathing suit in public without worrying about your towel falling off in public. 

Rolls up super tight and compact. Take it anywhere or leave it in your car for the summer! Tired of "borrowing" bulky hotel towels when traveling. Now you've got a compact, soft towel that doubles are a warm outer layer.

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